REF has an enthusiastic sales team that is responsible for marketing the company's product and service offerings. Our sales team has extensive expertise in all facets of financial printing.

Fanny Chiu

Ms. Fanny Chiu
Managing Director
Fanny possesses a wealth of experience in financial printing. She has over 20 years of financial printing expertise. Previously, she served some of the most reputable financial printing companies in Hong Kong in senior management roles where she led the sales and marketing teams, and was in charge of corporate development, strategic planning and overall management.

With her strong background and proven track record from the financial printing industry, Fanny is uniquely qualified to serve our company as Managing Director. In her current capacity as REF's Managing Director, Fanny is responsible for the company's overall sales and marketing activities. She leads our account servicing and sales teams with the goal of providing world-class financial printing solutions to our customers. 

Karen Li

Ms. Karen Li
Sales Director
Karen has substantial experience in the financial printing business. She has managed a variety of projects encompassing IPO prospectuses and financial reports. Karen works with a wide range of clients including investment banks and blue chip companies. She is passionate about providing high-quality services to clients and has a solid track record in client management as shown by her success in developing the right business solutions to cater to her clients' unique financial printing needs.  

Teresa Law

Ms. Teresa Law
Sales Director
Teresa has worked in the financial printing industry for over 13 years. She has extensive experience in the development and production of IPO prospectuses for Hong Kong listed companies in the property, energy, consumer products and retail marketing sectors. From IPO prospectuses to annual reports to circulars and statutory announcements, Teresa offers superb yet cost-effective solutions for large and small scale print jobs. She has gained recognition from her industry peers as a responsible individual who is attentive to her clients. Teresa is strongly focused on building long-term customer relationships and has maintained a sizeable portfolio of satisfied clients. 

Bryan Yuen

Mr. Bryan Yuen
Sales Manager
An accomplished and experienced manager with over 10 years’ experience in financial printing, financial PR and digital investor relation industry. He has a wide range of experience across multiple sales channels. He is passionate about building solid and supportive client relationships, providing quality customer experience. He is an exceptional communicator with a consultative sales style with clients by offering clients tailored and honest consultation based on their business needs.  

Jenny Choy

Ms. Jenny Choy
Sales Manager
Jenny is a specialist in the financial printing industry and has extensive sales and marketing experience. Jenny is detail oriented, takes time to understand her clients' needs thoroughly and is strongly focused on delivering the highest caliber of services to our clients. She has also developed a good reputation for her enthusiasm and trustworthiness. 

Kiki Wu

Ms. Kiki Wu
Sales Manager
With over 10 years of experience in financial printing. Kiki possesses strong skills in all areas of financial printing. Her professionalism in handling financial reports has instilled a high level of confidence in clients regarding working with REF and the management of their project. She has also managed IPO prospectuses and other financial documents including the coordination of the entire production workflow process. Kiki is highly proficient in providing professional service and achieving clients' expectations. 

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